In todays ever evolving spectrum of hotels, resorts and vacation rentals, it can be daunting for even the most "Mindful Traveler" to chose which option best suits their needs and budget. We at MAYAN MONK are mindful of this and therefore have manifested an option that redefines the traditional.

THE PERSONALIZED TRAVEL EXPERIENCE - There are many intriguing short and mid term rental options out there these days. Hotels and resorts tend to have an exponential amount of onsite amenities which can be great for some people. The only issue in this model is that a guest may be intrigued by a given room and perhaps the location but may not require 90% of the amenities that are already cost factored into their room rate. Thus the guests end up paying more for less. Alternatively, there are seemingly a never ending growing list of vacation rental spaces on the market but a vast majority simply offer the guest the bare essentials and with little to no human interaction with the management or onsite staff.

MAYAN MONK provides the option to have the comfort level of a hotel whilst being able to take advantage of vacation rental affordability. We do this by allowing you to dictate which amenities and experiences you will both require and or desire during your stay with us. We also offer an on site concierge team during office hours who can assist you with booking tours, making a restaurant reservation and much much more.


MAYAN MONK has 7 distinguished and charming room types for you. All of our rooms come with the bare essentials, like that of a basic toiletry set, the absolute best hotel quality bed linens and towels, 4K TV, welcome GLASS bottled water, living room, dining area and a kitchen with all necessary cooking utensils. After all we are mindful of the fact this will this will be YOUR home, even if only for a a few special moments along life's journey, for you the "Mindful Traveler".

CLICK HERE FOR OUR "STOCK THE FRIDGE" PACKAGES and GROCERY SHOPPING OPTIONS to pre order. Obviously nobody likes coming home to an empty fridge.

The most exciting PERSONALIZED feature is that every room comes with your own PERSONALIZED DIGITAL GUIDEBOOK.

Not only does the guidebook give you a detailed breakdown of all the needs to know for YOUR room and the overall property but we also have included local restaurants, bars and other local must see places which all link to google maps. Thus, you being the ¨Mindful traveler¨ that you are, you can literally can take your guidebook anywhere you and your electronic device go and be able to arrive at your desired destination stress free.

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